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What Are Important Features Of ECommerce Software

E-commerce as a feature is a fact of life most of us (if not all) are getting used to these days. With so much sale going the e-commerce way, it’s no surprise that with each passing day newer entrants are entering the field both as service providers and as marketers. That is slowly but surely making a market for multi-channel ecommerce solution and software providers that is truly big. Add to that the pandemic which brought before people, all the advantages of E-commerce. The next big thing now are e-commerce software providers and we tell you today of the essential features their products ought to have to give you the best and most comprehensive of services.

  • Content management capabilities

There’s no salesman or marketer who would like to sell only a certain type of goods and not beyond. Goods and newer lines translate into more clients and higher incomes. For this reason the e-commerce solutions that’s being spoken about ought to have content management capabilities which among others, help with the following:

  • Details of clients’ products, services, catalogues, blogs, product write-ups etc
  • Constant upgrading of the above details along with information about newer lines
  • Details of blogs, write-ups, client testimonials and every other product and service-related details
  • Discount codes and promotion coding

E-commerce’s biggest attraction happens to be discounts, and that too for a variety of reasons. To make a product the best, an ECommerce Software Provider ought to have proper codes and suites ready at all times which while giving details of discounts, instantly gives out the discount codes and other promotional details. Clients are very particular these days about discounts given that every e-commerce site provides the same which sometimes could be the only reason to be approaching an e-commerce site. The e-commerce website ought to have these facilities very, very clear and not try to obfuscate these for whatever reason.

  • Breezy check-outs

Check-outs after placing the order should never be slow or tedious. With most e-commerce site users being short on patience, the first thing they would do is to approach competition- despite the marketer giving bigger and better discounts and prices. Too many questions, too many processes and even too much of “serving” can irritate the visitor enough to move on- exactly the scenario a competitor would want! For ECommerce Software Providers, this is an absolute necessity or they may end up losing clients. The world and more so places like India are ripe for the e-commerce revolution- provided we’re there with the right information and products to make the difference, and reap the benefits.

  • Codes and design layout of the product should be SEO optimized

With tons of keywords such that even with the most innate of searches, the user-company’s presence gets marked. This can take place both at the coding stage and when the content is being placed as it’s a mix of both that help get the right rating and leads.

  • Sharp Analytics

E-commerce without analytics is like a race-car without a steering wheel. You aren’t going far. Without knowing where clients to the site are going wrong and which features should be used more, when and why an E-Commerce Software Provider is actually creating a product which in time would be bought by no one. Spending money and getting its worth is when you know where you are going wrong, and taking steps. These invariably is provided by analytics, a much-in-need feature in any e-commerce software.

  • A separate section for blogs and articles

You can’t always sell and get away with it. Sometimes you ought to stop, and talk to the world about your journeys and those of your clients and their clients- precisely what blogs and articles do. It’s for this reason that the E-Commerce Software ought to have a section specifically mean to record stories be it as part of promotion or as something that stands independently. In fact, with success, this section finds increasing eminence and respectability.

  • Integration to means of communication including emails and whatsapp besides others

E-commerce software ought to be so comprehensive that its users don’t feel the need ever for further additions and APIs. Integrating the software or coming up with an inbuilt suite for communication makes it super-easy for users to communicate with customers be it for newer products, discounts, newer features or simply wishing on occasions. This, in fact is one of the most important features of the software given that constant communication is the only way by which an e-commerce seller establishes and maintains a strong relation with its buyers.

  • Payment options galore!

UPI, NPI, Card, Netbanking….an endless list in some time- should all be integrated to the Multi-Channel ECommerce Solution. Markets like India and China have vast variations when it comes to making payments for e-commerce transactions. Restricting payment options is a sure way of showing a potential client the way to the customer’s door! With the likes of UPI being a big, big hit in India, and with the likelihood of newer ones coming up soon, it makes immense sense to remain ever vigilant on modes of payment to get to the largest number of e-commerce users!

  • Scaling up and adding newer facilities!

E-commerce is as much part of life as couriers, milkmen and newspaper sellers. They are necessities that just can’t be done away with. In fact, it shall only grow in days to come, adding to itself newer features and systems that are sure to make life easy for the final user. That means just one thing. An ecommerce software provider who cares to make the software open and malleable to newer and better feature. Scaling up it is called, and is one of the features which can make or break an eCommerce software provider despite the presence of substantial number of clients and business.

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