ERP For Small Business - A Complete Guide

ERP For Small Business – A Complete Guide

Why ERP for small businesses?

Enterprise Resource Systems or ERPs software in trade parlance were initially created to control the extensive activities of big businesses be they at a single location or spread over a geography or these days over entire continents. While their scope deferred their usage, what was clear was they were essentially only for large businesses with ample resources who could afford the necessary on-site systems including servers and customized modifications expected out of these software systems. 

That was till about a decade and half back. Ever since, ERP systems have undergone a substantial transformation with the introduction of cloud and remote server technology making it an ERP online software which given the size of infrastructure, connectivity and software capabilities have become way more adaptable and scalable with the capability to handle 3-rd party software as APIs designed to increase their roles and capabilities. All this means that a system that was meant only for large bodies is today also available to small and medium businesses including even micro businesses.

The best part this brings for ERP software companies in India is that they become available to serve the interests of everyone, big or small without ever compromising on their service levels and capabilities. 

Where ERP software providers in India bring benefit for MSMEs(Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) is in their being modular in that its construction enables user-MSMEs to buy only the functionality they need. Mind you, it isn’t the case that small companies use only small resources. There are those among MSMEs who do high-end niche work who need very different kinds of services like data analysis, mining etc which can only be served by public servers and related ERPs. For them, Online ERP software has come as a boon in that without investing a bomb, you do have a blast, making an investment in ERP wise.

Where ERP systems remain one-up on others in providing all-encompassing management solutions for managing a business’s varied fields and activities including finances, inventory, sales and purchases, manufacturing, projects, and customer relationships. These besides, they facilitate company processes, boost output, and offer the flexibility and mobility needed in the contemporary business environment that is to be found in Indian ERP software company.

Companies that dominate the market in ERP online software:

With solutions that address the various demands of enterprises, ERP software companies in India are quite well represented with the following being the prominent ones:

  1. Oracle NetSuite OneWorld: With strong CRM tools, outstanding drill down capabilities, clear and concise reporting, and flexible workflows, they serve a wide variety of organisations with their suite of ERP features. Their cloud-based architecture makes it accessible and flexible in accordance with varied company needs, is one of its significant advantages. It is all the more helpful for small businesses that can access ERP and CRM functions remotely from many sources.
  1. Dynamics 365 Business Central: A cloud-based offering from the formidable Microsoft Corporation, this is one package that has specifically been formulated for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers a complete solution for managing finances, operations, sales, and customer care. Where it really scores as an ERP software provider in India is in its ability to be scaled up and tailored to the particular requirements of different enterprises and their activities.
  1. SAP Business One: SAP does not need an introduction being one of India’s most well-known ERP software providers providing extensive and adaptable capabilities. All facets of a small firm, be they related to financial administration, inventory management, buying and selling, manufacturing, project management, and customer relationship management, are efficiently managed from a single location.
  1. NetSuite: It is another known and very well received ERP software company in India whose products emphasize on finances, HR and operations, besides providing a wide range of functionality. Offering a centralized system for handling all facets of the business, NetSuite helps minimize errors and streamline manual operations.

Upcoming businesses in the field:

The future of cloud technology for enterprise usage is entwined with the future of ERP, particularly for SMEs. This is all the more glaring for Indian small businesses that are surely on the way to growth and need systems that can be scaled fast with flexibility in terms of newer functions while being fast and cost efficient. In this space, smaller and sometimes lesser known Indian ERP software companies are taking a lead given their ability to customize while keeping local conditions and considerations in mind.

Another reason why cloud-based ERP systems are developing for small businesses is due to their ability to offer quick fixes via the cloud such that businesses get to react quickly to uncertain market scenarios and disruptions. Businesses thus benefit from an architecture that upholds and promotes agility and creativity.

Things to take into account before purchasing ERP online software for a small business:

  1. Modular construction: Modular construction as is understood by ERP software providers in India means an ERP programme that has independent service models that can be purchased individually instead of investing in the entire package. For small businesses in India, these are a great way to get the right kind of service at the right price.
  1. Customization: An ERP software in India has to be adaptable to your unique business requirements as also scalable so as to take care of your businesses’ growing needs. If that isn’t the case, either don’t expect growth or expect it with a truck-load of problems.
  1. Cloud-based: Small businesses these days work from small places which means a part of the team is either on site or works from home. In such a scenario, it’s expected of any ERP software to promote flexibility and mobility by being cloud-based and thus accessible across devices from any location.
  1. Resource allocation: If there is one thing that defines small business, it is limited budgets and resource constraints. Anything that helps save costs and give great service- including ERP online software.


By using a Cloud-based ERP software, a small firm can significantly enhance efficiency while streamlining processes. Due to the presence of various ERP software providers in India, including Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP, small businesses in India ought to make use of these effective means to stay resilient and competitive in the market. Because they allow organizations the scalability and flexibility they need to respond to shifting market trends, cloud-based ERP solutions are the way of the future. 

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