WYS Enterprise Solutions - Platform

Managed Services

Our aim is to provide our customer with ideal business solution offering them with professionally delivered services, hence maximizing their benefits.

We offer complete ERP package providing highest level of service to our client to get the most out of your investment to ERP like upgrades, customizations and managed services. Our ERP solution provides you cost-effective software driving all profitability.

  • Upgrades
  • Customizations
  • Managed services
  • New implementations


Personalized Technical Support and Consulting

  • Our trained tech support team is here to empower users!
  • You will be supported by our experts who are trained technical member providing you complete support.
  • Our consultants make sure that you get all consultation and support to get most out of our system.

1-on-1 Training & Education

  • Our employees are provided with on-site training to support your employees get confident with the system and additional training resources like documentations are also provided for your support.

Perfect-Fit Customization

  • We work with you to serve you with the software which is customized to accommodate aspect of your business requirement.
  • We create solution designed to meet your specific needs.

Secure Data Migration & Implementation

  • Our highly personalized and customized implementation process gives you most of the system.
  • All your data is managed at one place in synchronized manner which you can access from anywhere any time.
  • It also allows you to update your data by data migration services without any need of manual data input.

Key Benefits

  • We support 24x7 and provide cost-effective solution, as minor updates and enhancement into ERP makes big differentiation in productivity.
  • Our goal is to maximize the profit on your ERP investment while reducing support costs.
Company Management
  • We provide expertise who examine, test, and deploy or manage your applications.
  • We manage your complete application for you.
  • We work with you to provide justified architecture and solution.


Upgrade vs. replacement

  • ERP solution is modularized providing you to integrate module with your current application and data thereby minimizing your cost.
  • We support advance features and complete reposting solution to meet your all ERP requirement.


  • ERP solution works absolute with your existing business applications. It comprises of system-to-system, module-to-system and file transfer capabilities.
  • We support flexible integration for ERP system with existing infrastructure, enhance its functionalities and performance.

Reporting & dashboards

  • Our ERP solution promotes advanced reporting that provides compliant financial statements with respect to region.
  • ERP reporting allows smart filters and system queries coupled with real time data.
  • Dashboard provides complete overview of system and status of modules to users at one place with respect to their performance and customers response.


  • Alongside assuring basic ERP processes match your fundamental business workflows, companies will be having their different priorities, and which may contradict with other companies.
  • Example: Monthly Sales, Marketing spends, accounting and production output these all need to be fit into one standalone system. We support complete ERP solution with customization tool which helps to configure flow of system as per need.

Training and setup

  • Trained technical person will be installing On-Premise ERP solution.
  • Our trained technical person will be supporting you for application setup along with system training. We make sure that software is implemented to help you efficiently.

Our Services

Unique Software Consulting
Software Consulting
We've got the experienced and expertise to lead you in the right direction.
Business Needs Analysis
Analysis helps to achieve the business goals and objectives.
Training Needs Of Off Site
ERP Training offers bespoke, cost-effective and flexible options.
Support Services
Support Services
All types of technical problems are supported by our skilled support team to provide clear and simple solution.