WYS-Purchase module controls all the operations that are part of procurement materials that are required. Purchase module composed of functionalities like vendor listing, supplier & item linking, sending quotation request to vendors, receiving & recording quotations, analysis of quotations, preparing purchase orders, tracking the purchase items, preparing good receipt notes & updating stocks & various reports.

WYS ERP helps you to procure right quantity, right quality at right time and at right price. Inventory management module is integrated with purchase management & production module for stock update. From Procurement to quoting, from ordering to receipt and invoicing, Purchase Module helps you through all.


Be it Vendor Management, rate sealing with Vendor, inspecting material received or returns, WYS ERP handles them with ease. WYS ERP provides buyers with a purchasing workbench in its MRP modules that provides vendor, contract and lead-time options for Quick change outs in Material Planning.

Manages Vendor Statistics like Vendor Master file, Vendor item's price, discounts available, etc. Vendors are evaluated based on criteria like quality, pricing, delivery and lead time. Purchasing supports Direct order delivery, return as well as reject return orders and landed costs. Performs Receipts with real time reflection on inventory. Generates Material Receipt Notes and Vendor invoice. Various information like price source, historical information and discount just one click apart from order. Multiple Units of measure on Order itself. Purchase order module supports one click navigation from order to receipt



Increase Productivity

  • Using email or approval methods for purchase orders and invoice approval can be done and raise purchase requisition easily and quickly.
  • Freightage easily received, and invoices recorded swiftly.
  • PO is all about clarity and enhancement on the tired, paper-rich activities which is currently available. Team productivity increased by controlling technology and development process.


  • Reordering need is detailed out from reorder report generation.
  • WYS Purchasing verifies products that have fallen from minimum reorder level point, with a list providing supplier name, number of variants to reorder with a link to reorder page.
  • Re-order supports estimation of automated goods processing and issue purchase order automatically.


  • Purchase order detailing is been displayed from multiple reports. Future cash need and vendor performance can be analyzed by purchase order reports.
  • Purchase order reports delivers information about what users are purchasing, from which suppliers, its quantity and costing.
  • Customize Reports with access rights gives accessibility to authorized staff with correct information with no fuss.

Key Benefits

  • Order fulfilment is balanced with supply
  • On generating purchase order which updates inventory automatically by saving time and ensuring data accuracy.
Company Management
  • WYS ERP allow to share purchase order email effortlessly to suppliers.
  • Managed Cash-flow from supplies impact.

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