Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Our cloud-based ERP system is fast, nimble and excellent who helps to maximize the value of your business. Utilizing cloud technology allow us to finely tune your system while keeping it lean and powerful.

Multiple Options to Suit Your Needs

Our Software and Solution is flexible and scalable and is designed to grow with you. Lower priced versions will have all functionality but limitation on number of transactions. As you grow you can upgrade to higher version with larger transaction capability.
Multiple Platforms
Multiple Platforms

Custom ERP

For those businesses with very specific needs our staff of world class programmers can fully customize a system to allow you to run your business the way to want and need it to… With peak efficiency and speed.

Frontend Design Services

For those who require an eCommerce website to compliment the robust ERP backend, we offer a variety of template-based store fronts or we can customize a look specific to you exceed needs.
Multiple Platforms

WYS Enterprise Solutions Features

To know the WYS Enterprise Solutions is to know its history and the exhaustive efforts taken in order to make it the most stable and powerful cloud-based system.

Bill of Material
Bill of Material
A BOM defines products / sub assembly, raw material along with its operations. BOM mimic’s the manufacturing process precisely, it is also called product structure or product tree. BOM is the core of system which plays vital role for Material planning, Product costing and production.
Customer Management
Customer Relationship Management
CRM is used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer life-cycle. CRM aims to boosts the business relationship with clients which helps driving sales growth.
Vendor Management
Manufacturing Requirements Planning
MRP enables effective planning, scheduling of material on customer’s demands. It uses BOM, inventories to identify amount and the type of material required in advance.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Real-time Inventory tracking allows you to have your system automatically updated as Items moves In & Out from stock locations whenever production orders are placed. This will never over stock or under stock your inventory again.
Financial Management
Financial Management
Financial Accounting is responsible for tracking sales and the cost of producing sales. It maintains record of each asset, liability, revenue and expenses.

CRM & Quote Generation software

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) is a companion software to WYS Enterprise Solutions and along with which it features fast Quote Generation software also. Both were meticulously developed, just as WYS Enterprise Solutions and are designed to increase your profitability and organization.

Unique Software Solutions
Unique Software Solutions
Extend your WYS Enterprise Solutions with CRM and Quote Generation modules.
Anytime Anywhere
Anytime, Anywhere
Whether at premises or outside, entire product line is designed for productivity and portability anywhere you connect to the internet.
Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support
We understand that queries can occur any time, so in addition to your exhaustive training we provide 24/7 access to support staff.

ERP Implementation in 3 Comprehensive Steps:

ERP Implementation

ERP Execution Steps

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

WYS Enterprise Solutions is ready to use build implemented to assure base for your business. Our team will examine your business’s functionalities to examine your business requirements. We will be presenting you with the best plan as per your specifications. This step also comprises of WYS Enterprise Solutions installation.

  • ERP installation
  • Review Process
  • Staff Training
  • Model Prototype
Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase

With your specific ERP system requirements, our highly trained dedicated team will be working on it. While our staff is working diligently on your ERP system our training staff will begin the process of educating you in the nuts and bold of how to operate the system. This will be accomplished in easy to ascertain "how To" sessions, scheduled to work with your timeframe. The features which falls under this phase are summarized as

  • Testing, testing and more testing!
  • Follow up and consultation while developing
  • Well versed and experienced trainers
  • Easy data transfer
  • Opportunity suggestions
Result Phase

Result Phase

Now that you are up and running, don’t expect us to leave you anytime soon. We will follow up and for our customer satisfaction we make those defined tweaks/changes and specific functionality is maximized to your business needs.

  • Scheduled follow ups
  • Action planning
  • System upgrades
  • Training
  • Opportunity notices


We never sleep... Keep on top of all our upgrades, improvements & enhancements