WYS Enterprise Solutions - Platform

Local Hosting

Hosting means we provide software solution for all your need.On subscribing to our system from available packages, subscriber will be having all features access from upgradation to all tech support from our end without paying any extra charges for it. You can upgrade your subscription package whenever you need to with extra features and add-ons provided from our end.

WYS’s ERP featuring accounting and inventory management software will be installed by our professional team on your server. During installation we will be supporting you with installation, data migration and staff training. Once the system is installed company will be able to maintain and manage their data on their own.


Key Benefits

  • User “Own” the software. You pay as per the subscription amount.
  • All your system data is in very secure data center, supporting you with complete back up from anywhere.
Company Management
  • Centralized data storage from all modules of the system
  • Control of the systems and increased customization
  • It is easier to integrate 3rd party applications.

Our Services

Unique Software Consulting
Software Consulting
We've got the experienced and expertise to lead you in the right direction.
Business Needs Analysis
Analysis helps to achieve the business goals and objectives.
Training Needs Of Off Site
ERP Training offers bespoke, cost-effective and flexible options.
Support Services
Support Services
All types of technical problems are supported by our skilled support team to provide clear and simple solution.