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Quantity Management

WYS ERP’s Quality management is employed to helps in assuring product’s quality is consistent. Quality Management consist of two major blocks which are Quality control and quality Assurance.

Quality controls quality management focused on providing required quality to be fulfilled.

Quality control handles internally handles all management process and externally to customers to assure better quality served to end users considering their expectations. Quality control focus on fulfillment of quality requirements for the finish product or assembly.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Quality Assurance considers how product can be made or relates to process performance, quality control is inspection aspect of Quality management.

Quality Control module includes following three processes

  • In-Coming material quality management
  • In-Process operations and material quality management
  • Out-Going finished product’s quality management


  • Maintain complex process specifications and products with associated device, inspection, equipment and controls defined under Process management and Product Data Management.
  • Create inspection plans linked to statistical process control (SPC) for engineering review and evaluation.
  • Keep tracking and record detailed information of materials vital data such as serial number, lot and purchase orders

Key Benefits

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Gain repeat business
  • Gain new customers from referrals
  • Maintain or improve your position in the market
Company Management
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce liability risks
  • Contribute to overall positive branding of your product
  • QM helps to improve your customer service, helps to adhere compliance regulation and enhance brand.

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