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Start Up

An ERP solution will save time for Startup, money, and probably a lot of headaches, by consolidating all your startup’s most important business processes and data in one place. ERP software is for businesses of all sizes — startups included.

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Challenges of an ERP solution for start ups

Multiple Systems & Data Duplication

  • While maintaining data under various systems there can be data duplications.
  • It is not reliable for company to have data from various modules which can be duplicate.
  • ERP system provides solution for companies to eliminates data duplication and improving sales, finances and customer data into single system.

Automated Processing & Management

  • WYS blend and automates key functionalities like order processing, production and finance.
  • In order to meet goals and minimize risk of failure WYS ERP covers all departments process.
  • WYS meets with standardized implementation considering all business and IT process.

Systems Aren’t Integrated

  •  If systems aren’t integrated into one copying pasting may cause error and data duplication and it also consumes valuable time of the user.
  • Integrated ERP supports business growth by linking sales, service, finance and fulfillment processes and saves time.


  • Cloud-based ERP system presents integrated performance reporting solution, real-time visibility of all information and updates.
  • Complete visibility of all details at one place helps to make strategy on the fly.

No IT Person Required

  • For early stage startup as one employee wears different hats and manage lots of responsibility.
  • Cloud-based ERP system reduces implementation and management process of data from one module to another module and reduces costs too.

Keep Up with Reporting

  • Requirement for frequent reporting and ensure reports delivery on time and accurate management is challenge for startups.
  • WYS cloud-based ERP solution synchronizes information and simplifies reporting for faster and accurate report delivery.


  • WYS supports centralized data accessible by all departments and users at any time with clarity.
  • It eliminates the requirement of data re-entering or exporting, resulting less errors, increased productivity and reducing expenses.
Start Up
  • Real-Time information presented by system is beneficial for management, marketing, accounting and enables company to make vital decision on time and reduce waste.
  • It helps team to locate issue or any obstacle effecting productivity.
  • An overall process allows leaders to make effective decision and respond to changing environment of business
  • Productivity With clear visibility of streamlined business processes, team can focus on managing business increased volume.

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