Advance Inventory



Inventory Management

WYS ERP’s Inventory management helps to optimize the inventory levels by controlling MRP, production process & timely efficient purchasing. Improve customer service and profitability with real-time access to available inventory, inventory in transit, and inventory costs with an inventory management.

Inventory software helps you control system-wide inventory to efficiently manage distribution process without losing track of costs. It plays vital function that determines the health of the supply chain as well as the impacts the financial health of the balance sheet. It requires constant and careful evaluation of external and internal factors and control through planning and review.

Advance Inventory

Inventory is an idle stock of physical goods that contain economic value and are held in various forms by an organization in its custody awaiting packing, processing, transformation, use or sale in a future point of time.

Finished goods inventory is held by the organization at various stocking points until it reaches the end customers. Defective products, defective parts and scrap also forms a part of inventory if these items are having economic value.



Purchase Order Automation

  • Automatically generate purchase orders based on stock level and replenishment algorithms.
  • Orders go to the vendor with the best price and delivery time.

Expiration Dates

  • Expired items can be automatically removed from available inventory.
  • It can automatically issue items with the earliest expiration date to minimize losses.

Inventory Sub-items

  • Simplify reporting and tracking by separating items with size, color is made easier.
  • It also maintains its min and max value as per ware house location and its required time for arrival on purchase order completion.

Inventory Replenishment Suggestions

  • Lower your inventory with system-generated replenishment recommendations based on historical sales data analysis.

Barcoding & Scanning

  • We support higher volume of orders to streamline their processes even more by implementing barcoding and scanning at the pick/pack/ship stages.

Sales Order discounts

  • Manage complex pricing and discount policies including volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. Maintain policies for price overrides.

Demand Forecasting

  • Demand forecasting is key to planning what to order so you spend resources wisely.

Key Benefits

  • Accurately track costs of goods sold and inventory holding costs.
  • Select a different valuation method for each inventory item. Create GL entries directly from inventory transactions.
  • Manage multiple warehouses with location-specific inventory quantities, allocations, and costs.
  • Know when items are received, picked, packed, shipped, kitted, manufactured, etc. Also, know when you need to order more, when you’re over-stocked, or under-stocked.
Company Management
  • Inventory management helps to maintain required number of products on hand by making decisions based on inventory trends.
  • Optimize the value of goods you have and increase inventory turnover by keeping fewer slow-moving products on hand, while increasing your stock levels on profitable goods.
  • Inventory management practices helps result in decreased inventory write-offs, plus lower inventory holding costs.

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