Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable


Accounts Payable

Account payable module maintains financial relationship with vendors providing input to organization in the form of services and goods. Organization’s received data from its vendors are entered, monitored, maintained along with payment processing of invoices and credit notes.

Account payable features received invoice’s instant registration along with incoming invoice’s tracking and authorization. Account payable also supports self-billing invoices where goods receipt automatically generates approved invoices which are paid through advance. Control liabilities prevents paying a fraudulent inaccurate bill and prevent paying the bill twice

Accounts Payable


Create Accounts Payable Vendor Records

  • Account payable vendor records created to which payment will be made.
  • System automatically keeps track of total paid amount to each vendor when invoices are paid.

Create Invoices

  • Invoice records are made for the received invoices from vendor.
  • Invoice may contain multiple debits to various General Ledger accounts or to debit a single account.

Waiting to Be Paid Invoice’s Review

  • Invoice waiting to be paid can be printed on regular basis.
  • Stack of open invoices can be routed with the report for specific invoices approval to be paid.

Invoice Payment

  • System allow you to select invoice you wish to pay from outstanding list by filter options, so you can review total amount you’ll be paying.
  • Group of invoices can be paid with reference to their due date or individual invoice can be selected by vendor name or you can select all open invoices for payment.

Pay for Items

  • List of selected invoices which is to be paid will be displayed from the previous steps.
  • System allows you to pay for all the items from list or only selective items from the list with respect to filter.

Key Benefits

  • Time Savings: Accounts payable automation makes invoice processing and approval exponentially faster. Using business process automation to manage accounts payable reduces the time needed to process an invoice.
  • Streamlined, Accurate Processing, Automated matching processes all of invoices straight-through from capture to payment.
Company Management
  • Eliminates human error.
  • Virtually eliminates overpayment and duplicate payments.
  • It automatically flags exceptions to be reviewed by your approvers.
  • Easy Access, Real-Time Monitoring, and Greater Control
  • Better insight and transparency help to see the big picture at a glance.

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