ERP – B2B & B2C Web Storefront



B2B & B2C Web Storefront

B2B and B2C commerce platform built on cloud architecture. WYS Enterprise Solutions helps online business to have advantage of technology with scalability and flexibility. It helps to deliver intended offers and recommendations to shoppers which increase customer’s loyalty and sales.

Cloud based E-commerce gives more control to your business and reduces IT complexity and reduces cost of ownership. Multi-storefront enables E-commerce edition to various and distinct UI, storefront domains and branding for B2C and B2B users.

B2B & B2C Web Storefront

E-commerce is developed to integrate with ERP software, running as standalone or natively on same system or as hosted application.

B2B e-commerce online storefront preserve time and cost inherent in order processing by email, fax or phone for both buyers and manufacturer. System maintains all up-to-date product information at one place which can be accessed from anywhere allowing user to place order anytime from anywhere by eliminating communication gap and order entry errors. Furthermore, by integrating with manufacturer’s ERP system all inventory, pricing and fulfillment information is always accurately represented.



Order Fulfillment and Shipment

  • Order fulfillment and shipping varies in B2B with respect to the size of order.
  • B2B transaction supports large order size, recurring orders.

Customer Relationship

  • B2B relationships development takes longer time. It is critical to make.
  • As in B2C customer purchase multiple times becoming common and desired customer which helps to build and nurture the good relationship.

Repeat / Recurring Orders

  • Most of the orders in B2C are one time where as B2B poses repeat and recurring orders.
  • B2B is solution to three obstacles which are ordering conditions, complexity and order history.

Improving Order Conditions

  • Being foundation of webstore B2B aids from the system without remodeling ERP’s functionalities.
  • It helps system to display all customer-specific ordering condition to end-user.
  • User will be presented with required details of order with delivery costs, delivery time, payment terms, etc.

Helps with Pricing Complexity

  • WYS Enterprise Solutions system handles complex pricing and details
  • Leverage the power of ERP while setting up B2B sales portal providing advantage of the investment.
  • Customer will be pleased to see that they get the same pricing online as they would be getting on ordering by mail or phone.

Helps with Order History

  • ERP based E-commerce supports customers to explore their past orders irrespective of whether it was online or offline.
  • B2B webstore integrated with ERP presents orders places offline and online without any need off extra work or any type of synchronization.

Key Benefits

  • Catalog Management:  User can manage all the products at one unified database & set products as active or inactive for B2C Vs B2B
  • Online maintenance reduces pressure, time and eliminates paper work
  • Systems and Integrations are consolidated
  • Business solution allow purchasing efficiently, quickly and at good price.
Web store front
  • Completely integrated system lets you manage everything at one place like CRM, order, accounting, etc.
  • Quick search, purchase and product exploring supported for customer as per need.
  • All process can be handled in simplified manner for both B2B and B2C

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