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MNC Division


MNC Division

Companies are heavily dependent on easy, timely and accurate information to survive in today’s competitive market. WYS ERP software integrates all functional areas of business, including human resources management, inventory management, sales, logistics, billing, production, quality and into one organization-wide system. ERP systems is one of the most important developments for MNCs who are looking forward to reengineering and cost cutting to breakdown country barrier.

MNC Division

This complete integrated approach of WYS ERP has a tremendous payback for companies on successful installation of ERP software. WYS ERP software implementation covers all obstacles faced by MNC industries including implementation time overruns, and ineffective changeover management and budgeted implementation cost overruns.



A Solution in the Cloud

  • The rise of cloud computing brought a new dimension and agility to ERP.
  • Cloud-based ERP assures businesses with more savings in operational costs and consistent system updates, and faster deployment compared to on-site ERP systems.
  • The continuous expansion of internet access across the world makes it even easier for a business in any part of the world to acquire cloud-based ERP.

Modular Software

  • ERP can be expanded systematically. Standardized functionalities are rolled out in no time and can be fully integrated with one another, meaning you don’t have to contend with issues related to the ‘communication’ between separate solutions.
  • With all information in a single system, you reduce the chance of errors and increase the effectiveness of reports, without needing external experts to collect and analysis data from various systems.

Global level Expansion

  • We understand that ERP systems have tremendous potential in accelerating progress in countries by introducing their local enterprise to the opportunities offered by system.
  • Therefore experienced independent WYS ERP exist: to provide expert insight on ERP systems that suit an organization’s requirements and conditions, be they infrastructure- or location-wise.

Complete Solution

  • The right balance between costs and functionality often leads to an out-of-the-box solution.
  • This is business software which is basically ready for use without requiring too much customizing.

Using ERP Competencies to their Advantage

  • WYS system has plenty of promise when utilizing its core competencies.
  • Use of ERP system helps to reduce ideation-to-implementation time/ operational costs, accurately identify planning errors, and use the centralized data system to generate reports and devise unified strategies.

Key Benefits

An international rollout can be easily done with below six tips

  • Reduce cultural differences
  • ERP is implemented with common international English language which can bring people of different countries to common platform
  • We have the technical capabilities to convert to Unicode including time zone difference
  • Depending on the country in which the company operates, the business processes occur at a different time.
  • With growing requirements and demand of just-in-time deliveries we support ERP system with solutions involving time zone differences.
  • As part of global expansion, the processes are no longer limited to a single country, but extend across different markets.
Company Management
  • Optimization of process chain helps to avoid delays in the supply chain or in production which is mapped in the ERP software.
  • Transparency keep customer aware of the material flows, the order status and delivery volumes, and company react flexibly to customer requests.
  • Order and material requirement maintained centralized to be globally available. So domestic and foreign location can access it anytime with ease.
  • ERP maintains all up-to-date in real time for successful internationalization.

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