Cloud ERP for Small Businesses in India - Big Advantages For Small Concerns

Cloud ERP for Small Businesses in India – Big Advantages For Small Concerns

Small companies (SMEs) in India are increasingly adopting cloud-based enterprise resource planning software to keep up with the fast-paced business environment of the day. While it seemed at one time to be another fad of the biggies, Cloud ERP Software in India is now firmly established as a means of doing more, much, much more with relatively less. What, then are the factors that have led to such a paradigm shift with the coming of this ERP software in India? Some solid advantages and reasons, a few of which we mention below are:

  1. Significant cost reduction: ERPs in normal order need costly hardware installations and maintenance. Cloud-based ERP software in India eliminates all this and brings about a very pronounced and significant reduction in costs, besides making things extremely user-friendly with hardly any maintenance hassles. The best part of cloud-based ERP software is the pay-as-you-go models that provide further incentives to cut costs and scale up in times of need. This point, in particular, which suddenly brings even the most minor player at par with the bigger ones in terms of capabilities and output, is one of the prime factors towards the shift to cloud-based ERP software in India.

  2.  Painless Scalability: Small firms now have the ability to flexibly scale operations up or down, depending on their requirements, when they use Cloud ERP software. The adaptability afforded by the Cloud enables them to quickly adjust to new situations, regardless of whether they are undergoing rapid expansion or experiencing seasonal swings. This, in fact, is adding to the SMEs’ balance sheets in a very positive form in that SMEs are no longer hamstrung with costly and inflexible equipment and systems for which they would have had to deploy a sizable sum of money. Capex turning to Opex, things turn pink for the SMEs in India.

  3. Accessibility and Mobility: Cloud ERP software without its prominent hardware gives users 100% access to their data and its processing with zero location-related constraints. You could be anywhere on the planet and still access your part of the ERP software with just the right (and stable) internet connection while using many gadgets, be they laptops, tablets, or even smartphones. This gives associates, employees and owners of small businesses access to data and processes to manage an organization’s work from anywhere- even when they are on the move! This obviates the need for big office spaces or those with apparent strategic advantages in favour of places that are convenient to the users. Doing so cuts down costs further in a big way.

  4.  Security and Data Backup: WYS ERP provides the Cloud ERP for small businesses or, for that matter, any business being a shared system, its owners are under tremendous pressure to garner and use sophisticated security measures that seamlessly ensure data protection and zero down any chance of data loss. That aside, Cloud ERP vendors are known to back up their customers’ data on a minute-by-minute basis, thus precluding any chances of data leaks, hijacking or any other such event. Such a thing is too much to expect from single-source legacy systems. That was the case till a while back with SMEs.

  5.  Painless implementation backed by regular updates: Cloud ERP Software in India is a plug-and-play system where users of Cloud ERP for small businesses save the hassles of setting up things, maintenance, employing personnel and the like. Such things save immensely on time – more than even money. By doing away with an entire department, organizations get to focus on what is immediately necessary instead of focusing on procedural and support issues. With timely updates taking place automatically, SME owners can use their resources most wisely to further business.

  6.  Working as a team across locations: Cloud ERP for small businesses that facilitates access to data in real-time from anywhere. This fact alone encourages collaboration among teams and their members, however disparate they may be in terms of distance, ethnicity and similar considerations. All this helps SMEs make better and more informed decisions.

  7.  Efficient Integration and Customization: Cloud ERP Software being an architecture meant for a wider audience, it easily integrates with a wide variety of different software programmes and devices, making it possible for SMEs to modify the system to meet their unique requirements, which in turn improves both their efficiency and overall productivity.

  8. Analytical and Insights: The cloud-based ERP software for SMEs, in particular, was always designed to include analysis and efficient reporting. In real-time, cloud ERP for small businesses come with in-built analytics and reporting functions that allow the smallest enterprise to gain significant insights into their operations, enabling them to make decisions based on data rather than gut instinct.

  9.  Disaster Recovery: Cloud ERP software, by its architecture and being a publicly used service, comes with comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities. It allows even the smallest firms the ability to recover from unforeseen data loss or system failures rapidly.

In conclusion, it can be said with a sense of assurance that Cloud ERP software for small businesses is the game-changer that is streamlining the working of MSMSs worldwide while granting them the edge to challenge their circumstances and competition that’s much bigger. Its low cost, scalability, accessibility, and security makes it the best option for modest businesses and resources who nonetheless aspire for efficient and accelerated growth.

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